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Weight loss and Metformin HCL

This question is not exactly about Diabetes, but because metformin HCL is used in Diabetes treatment, I would like to know of any of you has experience with this medicine. Can you tell me about its side effects? Recently I went for a checkup and my doctor gave me Metformin for weight loss (It suddently went up to 99 kg though I was at 85 before and was following a strict diet plan). I don't have diabetes and I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS, and I think Metformin is generally used for these two issues. So I'm concened whether I should really be Metformin. Can it mess up my insulin system?
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Metformin is an insulin sensitizer.  Generally, it is very well tolerated.

Some people do have upset tummy when they start, but if you do you can start the drug slowly, and most people get used to it in a short time.
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I'm on metformin and have experienced no weight loss that I can attribute to the drug alone, nor have I suffered from any side effects.
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