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Worsening Type II DM or auto-immune DM?

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes 9 years ago and noticed a cyclical change in blood sugars that get worse, then better since 2015.  This year, I had pancreatitis from Ozempic.  Since then, I have had continuing pain in my upper left side with inflammation of the small intestine.  I am now on insulin and the pain and inflammation are now going away.  Anyone with Type II DM experience this before?  My doctor wants to test me for auto-immune diabetes.
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I have not experienced that.  

However, if your sugars were previously very high and now are much better it could explain why you are now also feeling better.

I certainly agree that you should be tested to rule out type 1, or autoimmune diabetes.  The treatment for autoimmune diabetes is insulin. Insurance coverage for treatment may also be different if you are diagnosed with T1 vs. T2 diabetes.

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Thank you Super_sally888.  I am feeling so much better on insulin, didn't realize my pancreas wasn't making enough insulin so my small intestine isn't able to store it....now both are working!
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