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how to get Insulin in New Zealand

Hey i have been told by the Dr that i might be developing type 1 diabetes... do i need a script in New Zealand to get insulin, or can i get it over the counter?? i want to get some just in case anything happens, and it will give my mum some comfort as well, but the Dr said to just wait and see what it turns into because it might not be diabetes... i am very confused at the moment and very very concerned about this as someone in my family (although they were very extended) died of diabetes. I just want to be safe rather than sorry and have to rush off to the emergency room and also it would give me some peace of mind that if something did happen i wouldnt have all my friends and family freaking out about me. Oh and if i can get it over the counter, what should i ask for and what cost am i looking at?
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Is your doctor in NZ? If so, ask him/her. In the USA diabetes medication has to be prescribed not sold over the counter.
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Also, insulin is not safe to use if you have not been trained in how to use.

For now your best approach would be to monitor your blood sugar (you can do this with a blood sugar testing kit, they are available in pharmacies, and come with complete instructions.

You can also help by making sure you limit how much carbs (and particularly breads, pastas, sweets, softdrinks you consume), and making sure you get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

Work with your doctor.  Best wishes.

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