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my newly diagnosed diabetic husband and crack cocaine use

My husband is 56 years old, has high blood pressure and has a long history of crack cocaine abuse ( over 25 years off and on) He is a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic and has started smoking crack again! I know of the most obvious effects.  The abuse of crack is probably the cause of the diabetes.( my opinion, I am just a nurse) , what might crack do in a person that is diabetic?  I have tried my best to scare the heck out of him but he says he does it because he is unhappy. I will be moving away from him in the next few weeks but I dont want anything to happen to him. He hasnt gotten his glucometer or meds for diabetes yet and it has been a month since he found out. What if anything can I do to help him understand the effects of what he is doing?  I just want to tell him, it will be up to him to follow through.  Thank you, WYD

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Personally I don't think it is going to do any good. Your husband has a serious long-term addiction and he probably isn't going to let a little thing like diabetes stop him. When he is stressed he uses drugs, when he is happy he uses drugs, etc. I don't know any specific correlations with crack and diabetes (try googling it) but Type 2 diabetes is about taking care of yourself, diet, exercise and meds. He is highly unlikely to do this when he is high and doesn't care about his own life. If you want to scare him a bit tell him about diabetic complications such as blindness and amputations. But the bottom line is he needs treatment....yesterday. I am glad you are leaving because you deserve to live your own life free from such negativity and self-destruction.
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Sorry to hear about all your heartache. Im new here tryin to diagnose myself. I know how u feel trust me. Keep in touch ok.
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Stop trying to diagnose yourself and see a doctor! These boards are not for diagnosis.
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my father was a diabetic as well. he died a slow and what seemed painful death. also addicted to crack- we got a call one day- the doctors gave him 3 days. then they took him off his life support. thankfully he's a fighter and continued to live. unfortunately without brain function. in a vegetable state.- he used and didnt take his insulin. which as u may know can send u into a diabetic coma. the crack only made the problem worse. it seems as though it slowly dimenished his brain function from blinking his eyes to simply lying in bed looking aimlessly, i would suggest u get your husband the help he needs. if he resists he'll never fully stop using because his past makes it apparent to him that crack may be his only outlet. my father was overwhelmed constantly thus, sending him into overload. i blame no one but him, everything he taught me isn't taken for granted. on the contrary it's taken into consideration. all u can do is love him, but do not allow your spirit to die because you are in love. only god can judge your husband.be there for him. tell him u love him and would like to help. or continue searching for other mechanisms as to how he can be shaken out of this behavior. i hope my story helps....be sure to have him take his insulin and god bless...
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honey go to the doctor!! you cant get the meds if your the doctor...lol no what to be right even about there worst fears!!
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I know that I dont belong on this board but I am computer challenged and need help. I am a type 2 diabetic for some years and started on OxyContin and am now on powder cocaine which I can afford and enjoy. I know it is going to kill me probably and not wanting to really quit now because it is the only joy I have in my life. Strangely I don't drink and have not for 25 or more years. Sorry I rambled where I don't belong but really need a board that I can lay this all out plus and begin a dialogue. Thanks for your help and patience.
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