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HbA1c results

I’m wondering if someone could tell me about my HbA1c result. I got 4.8 (range 4.6-6.2%). It is on the lower end but it is within range so it is perfectly alright, right?
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Yes, that is indicative of being in the normal range so you seem to be all good.  :>)  Good luck
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Hi Hba1c of 4.8 is completely normal.
Are you having any problems that you are concerned may be related to diabetes?
Yes and no. I’m having problems but they fit into every single diagnosis I stumble upon and suspect it is. I am going crazy trying to just finally get control of my health and add some quality to my day to day life.

My main concerns is that I’ve had mouth thrush for 8 years, get vaginal thrush once a month, mouth is dry = thirsty all the time, fatigue. Also my armpit skin has gone darker and my eyelids for some reason.

But I just don’t know what to do because my blood work is decent nowadays, I can’t help but think the answer is that my within range results are not within range for me :(
At the same time I realize that since I’ve suffered for a long time, if it was something major I should have gotten considerably sicker..

I forgot to say that I’m very sensitive to blood sugar drops too. I had just been hungry for about 45 mins when I started shaking and a head ache started pounding. My blood sugar was 4.2 then. Which isn’t enough for official “low blood sugar status” but enough for me to feel awful and eventually faint. I think I lose a lot of hair daily even though I haven’t been pregnant for many years now. And my eyesight is very strange. I don’t see well and I get blurry vision. But when the eye doctor gave me glasses adjusted to match they were too strong. It’s all just so strange. And how I suddenly needed subtitles when watching movies because I have problems hearing the people taking.
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Just got my new HbA1c test and they land at 4.6 (or 27mmol/mol) and that’s still within range (range being 27 - 42). I’d prefer more of a margin on my blood work but I also have no medical training.
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