what is a good sugar reading
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A normal fasting blood glucose (first thing in the morning before eating) should typically be under 100 (60-100 being average).  Post prandial glucose (about 2 hours after eating) will be slightly higher...but should still be below about 150.

All of this can greatly vary from person to person.  One person's fasting can be 60 and they feel great and others may feel hypoglycemic at 60.

Are you having issues?  Care to elaborate so I don't have to guess sweetpea?  LOL
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"normal" range for fasting blood sugar is 80-110
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I got fasting sugar today 101 and normal limit in report is 65-110 is it normal or not
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I'll give you a more exact answer.

Non-diabetic fasting blood sugar is typically in the 70 - 90 range, with 83 being considered 'perfect'.

Post eating blood maximum sugars to be perfectly normal should be less than 100 (though this may need to be in combination with a lower carb diet).  Certainly one should not see post eating numbers higher than 120.

Non-diabetic completely normal Hba1c should be  6.5 will get you an official diagnosis.

Prevention (type 2), low carb or ketogenic diet, exercise, weight normalisation.    

Hope this helps.  
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