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Crashing glucose

I have been diagnosed pre diabetic.  After 2 years of dieting, I went to have my A1C checked because my sugar levels have been jumping over 160 after I eat, then two hours later crashing to 36. Assuming I was just not doing well, the doc calls me to tell me I have reversed my pre diabeties. A1C is 5.4.  So then why is this happening?  She has no idea and kinda blew me off.  Now I do not know what to do.  Is this normal? If not what should I be looking for?
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You have what’s known as reactive hypoglycemia.  That’s when your glucose levels spike, then crash.  I have that as well.  Treatment is pretty much the same as for pre-diabetes - eat regular small meals and avoid foods that drive glucose levels high, such as sweets, high carbs, etc.  
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