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Doctor says its not hypoglcyaemia

When I was a child or about 8 y.o. my doctor diagnosed me with hypoglycaemia but gave no further info. When I was in my 20s, I found out about following a low glycaemic diet and it seemed to help then. I have never shown low blood sugar on a blood test, however. Now I am 46 and still bloods are looking fine (fasting blood sugar is 5.5 this morning). I have had pre menstrual dysphoric disorder - which is now understood not as a hormone imbalance but a sensitivity to hormones - and adrenal fatigue. My question: is there any research about some sort of insulin sensitivity that gives rise to symptoms of hunger, fatigue, dizziness etc (like with hypoglycaemia) and can be exacerbated by other hormones (my symptoms fluctuate during the month with my other hormonal symptoms)? There is also a condition called pre menstrual exacerbation, but that usually refers to exacerbation of bipolar disorder (which we also have in my family but I don't identify in myself).
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These are really interesting questions. I'd like to read more about it. Have you gotten any help from your doctor to go into these topics?
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