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Diabetics have you experienced this type neuropathy?

Have you had this type of neuropathy where one or two toes feel different than typical numbness..(typical where its tingling or the fell- asleep numbness) in which the two toes feel like you injected 10 shots of novacaine, where its lost complete feeling and SO NUMB that it's also painful and feels like you can't bend it? Like a stiffness or will break in half?How did you treat this?
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It is odd but it can definitely just be a toe or two affected.  It can change and go up the leg as well. Such a big pain in the behind to deal with all of these things! How well is your blood sugar controlled?
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https://www.healthline.com/health/tips-treating-diabetic-nerve-pain#hand-and-foot-care  Maybe this article will help a little. Footwear and care is important.  While nerve damage can't be reversed with diabetic neuropathy, it can be controlled and not allowed to get worse.
HI special!! Ty for your reply. This post is about my sister's experience with neuropathy  which just been a month ago. Her sugars have been high for many years. She does eat low or even no carb meals sometimes  but her sugar stays high. It is a peculiar case. She takes a unit of insulin  and it will plummet down way too fast and too much which shouldn't  occur as well. So half the time, she did keep the sugar high to avoid horrible lows. It sucks because  this disease is mean. But she will be seeing a new neurologist soon for this numb pain in addition  to a new plan for her sugars, with her endocrinologist.
She doesn't  deserve this disease and no one does. :( Ty for the article too. Will look into those remedies.

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