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Could I have this?

I've been eating a lot lately because Sometmes i get bad hunger pains. I get jittery, nausious, nervous, and tired. expecially in the morning! Well someone mention'd i might have hypoglycemia?... is that diabetes?.
In 2006 I had my gall bladder taken out because of stones that caused pancreasitis <however u spell that...
So since then they have told me i cannot drink ANY alcohol what so ever! NONE! i think its probably because of the sugar in the alcohol right?..well i dont drink and havent since then.
if my pancreas cant have high sugars like alcohol how would i have hypoglycemia?..
Wow, im confused. lol help.
and in 2008 i had a kidney infection would that have caused it?.. or had anything to do with it?
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stop guessing go 2 the doctor PLEASE THANXS
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It sounds like you are relating a lot of things together that might have nothing to do with each other. I'm just going to speak to the symptoms you are experiencing and the possibility of hypoglycemia or diabetes. Hypoglycemia is one of the symptoms of diabetes and just means low blood sugar. Some people however, have a diagnosis of just hypoglycemia, without the diabetes. That is very different. Your symptoms might relate to either one, or they might not. Some other symptoms of diabetes are increased hunger and thirst. Some people however are diabetic without experiencing any symptoms at all. The bottom line is that it is easy to get your blood sugars checked to see if there is something going on. Talk to your doctor. He can also help you figure out if the symptoms are caused by something else entirely.
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