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Frequent Urination

It began when I was approximately eight years old, occuring once at that time, I had to use the restroom to urinate, and upon returning to my bedroom, I experienced a strong urge to urinate again in a large volume. After that incident, it did not happen again for a long time. As I grew older and entered my teenage years, the issue resurfaced. I started urinating frequently with short intervals and in significant amounts. It can endure for a few minutes to several hours. When it occurs, my urine takes on a cloudy color, and the final urination is slightly yellow, indicating it's the last one. There is no pain, and it can happen in the morning or at night, but the nighttime instances bother me more. The pattern is intermittent, with breaks lasting weeks or months. I initially suspected diabetes and tried a diet, leading to very low blood sugar, especially since I am an active person. The urge to urinate returns when I stay up all night, possibly influenced by hot temperatures making my genital sweaty. Surprisingly, hunger or low blood sugar doesn't trigger it, however how can a diabetic individual experience decreases in blood sugar without the use of medications? Strangely, during these episodes, my hands feel dry, persisting until the frequent urination stops.
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I had the worst excessive urination from low potassium. I lived in the toilet and was getting splits on my skin down there from constantly using toilet paper.  I was using Savlon cream to relieve the pain.  The relief of orange juice! High in potassium. Went from excessive urination to normal OVERNIGHT!
Low potassium causes dry skin too btw.

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