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Do you understand this doctor's lingo???

My husband was just recently diagnosed with PSC. We
just got his medical records today to take with us to
Mayo. Here is his liver biopsy report. I don't
understand alot of it and I was curious if any of you
might understand what it all means?
"Sections of the liver show expansion of two portal
triads by edema and a mixed inflammatory infiltrate
composed of many lymphocytes,scattered eosinophils and
scattered neutrophils. Focally, the neutrophils extend
into a dilated, damaged bile duct. There is a tendency
towards concentric fibrosis around some bile ducts. No
granulomas are seen. The bile ductal membranes are not
thickened. Other nonexpanded portal triads contain a
small amount of lymphocytic infiltrate. A rare
acidophil body is seen. No significant cholestasis is
identified. No polarizable material is present. There
is no stainable copper."
If you made it this far..thank you. Do you know what
any of this means? :)Thanks!Mindy
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This may help you understand some of the terms:

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You can find information about PSC - primary sclerosing cholangitis - at the following websites
(What it is, signs & symptoms, how it's diagnosed, treatment):



Hope this helps.
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