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Who believes in karma?

I have already posted in the relationships forum so I am going to try and not repeat myself too much. After 9 years of marriage my wife left me and when it comes down to it all is was due to greed. I recently retired from a long career as a police officer and received a lump sum payment for time I had accumulated on the books over a 22 year period. These are wages I earned long before I ever met her.

Anyway, since she left I have been able to find information that proves that she was planning on leaving me for years and obviously just stayed around to get the money that she knew was coming. (She withdrew half of my assets from the joint bank account the day she left and wants me to believe this was not planned.)

I went to marriage counseling with this woman and it became clear that she was just going through the motions and became even more evident that infidelity may have been involved on her part.

I am now disabled and left with a mortgage, high taxes, and she is dumping a $300.00 a month leased vehicle on me that I didn't even want in the first place.

I would like to know how many more people believe that this woman will get what she has coming to her three times over because so many people have told me that it will? Thank God I never had children with this woman, but she did have a child from a prior marriage that I raised as my own and I can tell she is already turning him against me and we had such a close relationship.
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Just to clarify....I am not a vengeful person, she is. It is troubling to me to see what I am becoming because of this person. It isn't just the money, it is the years of my life that have been lost to her abuse.

If she wasn't happy she should have left a long time ago. Instead she waited until I finished out a grueling career and stole my earnings from years before I met her. She works and is better off than I am living with her mommy and daddy right back where I found her.
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It seems karma really may exist. :)
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It is amazing to see how far I've come since I posted this about 2 months ago. It is such a waste of energy to be angry at people that could never be happy no matter what they have in their lives.

I still believe in karma though as I am witnessing it as it happens. There is a difference between making honest mistakes in your life and calculating to deceive someone. That's where karma come in.
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I don't believe ln karma but go file for a divorce so she can't take anything else without judge aproval good luck
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