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Alone for the holidays? hard after a break up

Break ups are always hard but am wondering if anyone is alone this season?  This time of year can really emphasize the pain of that relationship loss and thought we could share and support each other if you are going through that.  
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I have had the same issues, been divorced for 7 years. Go to a trusted friend and make plans. Find a hobby or support group. Reading a good book, even puzzles help to keep your mind off of it. One friend of mine who is divorced volunteers for a dog shelter. It really makes her feel needed and dog love is very good.  They need volunteers at many of these shelters.  Another friend volunteers at assisted living facilities. Being a helpful nice person that comes to help people who may rarely see a visitor is nice.  Just some ideas.
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Hi WhelpingJA. Love your post. Those are really great ideas. Did it take you a long time to get over your divorce?  

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