I everyone! I just joined the group and I just wanted to say that back in May I found out that I had a ectopic pregnancy at almost 8 weeks of pregnancy. It was my very first pregnancy and me and my husband has been trying to conceive for exactly a year. I was completly devastated. I am happy to announce that last week I found out I am pregnant again. I have my dr. appointment on Tuesday and I hope this pregnancy goes well. I know its hard to deal with the aftershock of ectopic pregnancy but just stay hopeful and keep trying!!!
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hi hunny im new here to, i have had 2 previous ectopics and just found i am pregnant again i have been in and out of hosp all week with blood tests to see if its ectopic and all is looking good at the min 6 week scan next week fingers crossed xxx
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Congratulations to both of you! That's definitely relieving to hear, please update us on how your pregnancies are going!
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how long were the 2 of you ttc? i am just wondering because i had my ectopic in july and have been trying for the past 2 in a half months
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Congrats to  wantababy and seh_lou, Hoping for happy healthy 9 months

I have had 1 e/p just 2 months ago after trying for 2 years and I am suppose to be getting my second cycle but it seems to be late. What did your ladies cycle seem to be like after? Did they go back to normal or were they little messed up. Judging my chart AF is NOT supposed to be here but all my hpt are BFN
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My cycles actually got a lot shorter right after my ectopic. Before the ectopic, my cycles were usually 26 - 28 days. After my ectopic my cycles were always right at 23 days. They are just now (10 months post-ectopic) getting back to my normal length. I've heard from other people too that sometimes your cycles can change a lot from what used to be normal after a pregnancy. Hope this helps and SSBD!!
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hi i'm new here. i had my left tube remove due to ectopic pregnancy last march, and i'm now on my 11th week of recovery.  a month after my surgery, I got my period. I'm expecting my 2nd cycle but it did not come. I'm now 8-days delayed and feeling pain on my right  side. is this normal? my husband and I were wanting a baby for more than 4 years.  
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