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eds doubts

hey guys,i think i got type 1 eds.you see i workout at the gym and love dancing.was wondering if its ok for someone like me to carry out such activities?i haven't approached a dr. yet.dunno if i can afford one.(so cant say exactly if i do have eds)plz help.
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  You can edit your profile on your profile page.....there is a place to edit....MedHelp has rolled out a new format which I do not have yet, so I am not sure how it looks to you....I will find out and get the links and info to change that info in your profile.

A.J. I do not think you can confirm it totally on your own as there are different types of EDS and some require testing to determine which type you have....but it is possible to see if EDS is a possibility for you....using the Beighton Score...along with just knowing a few other things such as do you bruise easily, slow to heal, soft velvety skin,stretchy skin,blue/gray sclara,hernias,.....and I am sure a few I have forgotten....just being hyper mobile does not mean you have EDS.

Find a Dr well experienced with EDS to help you get a proper DX.
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thanks for the reply mam.btw im a boy,not a female!where do i change my gender?(as in my profile)..sorry,very happy right now :)
anyways back to the topic.
i read about eds and saw some videos on YouTube..the signs seem similar to what i have.i checked again,not sure now if type1,2,3,etc.
I'll tell u what i can do,may be that will help.1.my fingers lock,they even bend in the opposite direction.
2.palm facing up,i can touch my thumb to the upper part of my forearm(sorry for bad language,im not that good at English)
3.i could make popping sounds from some bone near my shoulder,i can still,but i do not,my sister says it will cause tissue damage.
4.my toes can be bent in the opposite direction as well.
5.another reason i think i got eds is because my mother's right hand is like mine...it wasnt genetically like that though,she fractured that arm when she was young,her right palm is soft,numbish,and bends like mine.

Is there any way i can confirm eds on my own?
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  Hi and welcome to the EDS group !

Lifting heavy things like weights may not be the best thing for you....dancing should be fine as long as you are not talking ballet...as the ways they move can sometimes be too hard on the body....

  May I ask why you think you have EDS?
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