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erectile disfunction at random times :(

So sometimes when I get intimate with my gf I either have trouble maintaining or getting a erection  this does not always happen with her I am 23 years old so I don't understand how I could have ed already it started a couple years back out of nowhere. But when I'm by myself I have no problem maintaining or getting a hard on. Any help is appreciated because I love my girlfriend and feel bad that I cannot give her sum *** sometimes
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Oh thats valid, you should try some medications or try to communicate with some professional about these problems but you should not worry about this. You can also try pills to cure impotence but you should be prescribed by your doctors or medicare.
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How is your emotional state? Being stressed, anxious, depressed all can impact this. Do you get nervous sometimes? Do you masturbate often? Do you need to spice up your sex life where you kind of drift mentally during intercourse so you lose the erection? You do know you can still pleasure here just as well than intercourse, right? At those times, switch to those methods to take the pressure off of you. Do you take any medication?
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At the time I would say I’ve been pretty depressed a couple months back got into a bad car accident so been threw a lot, I never really get nervous because she’s v supportive towards me or any issues that happen. I masturbate a couple times a week and no we have a pretty spiced up sex life. I never really space out And to be honest at the time I was taking alot of pills due to my car accident for pain do to a surgery from a broken bone. Recently I haven’t had issues at all so I’m thinking it might have been all the pills? Sorry for late reply didn’t see it got comments.
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