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Cornea Scar, MRSA, Pred Forte

My wife, on Sept 27 2011, went for what was supposed to be a simple surgery of INTACS placement for Keratonconus.  3 days later, her eye became bloodshot red with a white area where the INTAC was placed.  Trip to the MD next day revealed after culture that she had a MRSA infection in the lower ring channel.  MRSA was susceptible to Gentamycin which she was on very frequently and Pred Forte was also started, after a few weeks on Gent, slowly to make sure infection did not get worse, but to help with redness and inflammation.  Lower ring was also removed in early Oct 2011.  All meds stopped in December 2011, leaving wife with a scar in the cornea where the MRSA was.  @ 1 week after stopping meds, eye became severly red again.  Restarted on Gent and Pred Forte for @ another month, where my wife was weaned off Pred Forte and Gent again.  Again @ 1 week after stopping eye became pink/red again.  Only started on Pred Forte this time for @ another cycle of 4 drops x3 days, 3 drops x 3 days, 2 x 3 days, and 1 x three days.  Eye again fine for @ 1 week when again it turned a grayish/pink color.  Her cornea MD referred her to a cornea specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem since he couldn't understand why the eye keeps getting inflammed after weaning.  MD at WF started back on PF but at a slower weaning schedule of 4 drops x 1 month, to 3 x 1 month, 2 x 1 month, and finally 1 x 1 month.  Last drop Aug 12, 2012.  After 2 weeks off PF, resident says eye looks good (cornea MD out that day), but on Sept 15 eye turns pink again.  Able to get in to MD on Oct 15, cornea MD back in and says eye is inflammed along the channel and starts wife back on PF 3 drps x 2 weeks.  Also noted that vessels look to be making their way to scar.  Stated that we may need to wean even slower off or find the lowest dose of PF eye can handle to keep it "calm".  Lasix performed Feb 2000.  Next appt Oct 29, any suggestions or questions I should ask?  Words of encouragement?
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Sounds like an unfortunate set of events.  I would make sure they are carefully screening her for glaucoma given the amount of steroid drops she's been exposed to.  They need to check her eye pressure carefully and take a carefull look at her optic nerve.  Hopefully, the eye calms down.

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thank you for your response.  MDs have been checking pressures in the eye on every visit, pressures have always been good.  They also did a vision field test recently that also turned out good.  Is it safe to assume that the eye will eventually calm down and all we need is time?  Could the PF be weaned even slower (ex: every other day, then every 3rd day, etc) and would this help the issue?  Could the inflammation be caused by dry eye?  Thank you again!

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