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Ice syndrome

I have ice syndrome and after 4 operations I am now blind in my right eye. I am on holiday at the moment but am experiencing some sore, gravel in the eye feelings. I was told to put some gel in my eye by my doctor before I came away but it's not helping. Does the eye have blisters on or is it a build up of a calcium and it then flakes in the eye. Any help would be great
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It is impossible to say without an exam of your eyes.  The cornea can develop endothelial failure, with fluid blisters on the surface.  If these blisters break open, then there is pain and the sensation of something being in the eye.  Also, calcium deposits can develop on the cornea (band keratopathy); these calcium deposits can flake off, with the same symptoms.  See your ophthalmologist as soon as you can.  There are treatments for these problems, which will make you more comfortable.
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Thank you

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