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Myopic Degeneration and HYpothyroid

I am concerned about clinical trials for myopic degeneration patients as well as causes.  I have hypothyroid disease.  I am not a smoker and neverhave been.  I did gain weight shortly after the age of 46.  Two other factors entered into this, along with not watching the portin control.  I had cellulitis at the bridge of my nose (could this have had an effect on myopic degeneration or brought it on?)  Doe a hypothyrois patients need to watch levoxyl and/or levothyroxine for  myopic deeneration?  I did take a year off from Levoxyl, which was not recommended by my Dr but that is when I lost the most weight.  Unfortunately, my myopic degeneration started shortly after that and I went back on levoxyl  1:00 mg.

II am now 52 and have had 6 Avastin treatments.  I am both frightened and excited about the results and the hope that is out there for patients such as myself.  I have changed my diet to include a ton of lutein,  fish, nuts, beta carotene, etc.... Oh, of course, the green leafy vegetables.  ARe there any clinical trials (drug free and/or eye exercises Ic an do to continue to help my health?

As for exercise, I had joined a gym andw as doing some strenuous exercise but now am told to watch  jumping, horseback riding, etc... due to my possibility of a detached retina possibility.  So far, so good but I also don't want to gain weight and stretch the eyeball.  Suggestions and/or any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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Thank you very much.  However, I have also been to that website and have purchased and am now gardening so many green leafy vegetables, as well as carrots, squash, lutein and have tried the three yellow vegetable soup and apricot lentil soup.

Still thugh I can't find any relation to hypothyroid with eyes and have searched continuously.  Thank you anyway for that assistance.  It is appreciated.
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Dear DeeCeel73,

On the AAO.org www site is a cookbook for some recipes for your eyes.  While healthy eating has been shown to have a beneficial effect in age related macular degeneration, it is believed that these vitamins may play a role in prevention of disease as well.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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