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Slight ghosting post-Lasik

I had Lasik about 5 weeks ago.

Since having the procedure I have noticed that I have a slight ghosting image only in my right eye that appears typically just below the object in focus typically only under lower lighting conditions  (road signs at night, tail lights, white letters on darker backgrounds on the tv, digital clocks, even on tv if someone is wearing a lighter colored shirt and darker pants or suit the lighter color will "bleed" over onto the darker image). Sometimes there is even some vertical smearing between the two images as well.  This only seems to occur in lower light with brighter objects on a darker background.  One thing to note is that I don't recall having experienced this under typical office lighting, outdoors, or even while working on a computer.

Before my Lasik procedure, I do remember sitting in the Optometrist's office who was performing the Lasik consultation and I mentioned that in my right eye I could see some minor downward vertical smearing of the white background of the Snellen Chart below the chart and the optometrist didn't say much about it.

The interesting part is that I can typically fix the ghosting by tilting my head back, while maintaining the point of fixation straight ahead. At some threshold point, the ghosting disappears. There is almost a distinct line.  I have also noticed that my entire vision in that eye gets a tad more crisp when doing this as well.

So I have a few questions:

1.  Is this an effect of my eye healing and that my right eye may still be a bit swollen from the surgery?
2.  Could this be from the laser that cut the flap?
3.  Is this residual astigmatism from before my surgery? (.25 both eyes prior to)
4.  Could this be induced astigmatism?

I do also see some halos/starbursts typically only at night or low light environments, and they seem to be getting a tad better each week, or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Thanks for any information/advice.
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Answer to all your questions is a possible yes.  You need to address your symptoms with the surgeon who did the surgery and not the optometrist who referred you.  The surgeon should be able to do a careful exam and make sure there are no residual problems from the surgery.  If they refer you back to the optometrist, demand to see the surgeon himself as an optometrist exam does not measure up to a good exam by an ophthalmologist.

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Thank you.  I go in for a follow up Friday.
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I m facing the same problem.. Can this be cured??
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I went by my optometrist's office to pick up my old recorders.  It seems that the astigmatism in my right eye has been as follows for the last several years:
Exam on 9/08:  -.50x165
Exam on 4/10:  -.25x160
Exam on 1/12:  -.25x160
Exam on 613:  -.25x160

While I was there one of the techs did a quick scan on my eyes using the auto refractor which shows that my astigmatism in my right eye is now -.50x125.  Does this provide you any additional insight to my original question?  I have a follow up Monday morning and I was hoping to get your take before go in there and they tell me everything is ok.  (Just have a feeling that is what they will say).  Thanks.

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