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Starbursting, Haloes and Ghosting in both eyes

Since January this year, I have experienced star bursting in both of my eyes, both eyes starburst differently, haloes when looking at bright lights or even dim light and ghosting at pretty much any time of day.

I am unsure what to do as I feel the symptoms MAY be progressing.
It is quite annoying at night as the contrast between light and dark seem to exadurate the star bursting, haloes and ghosting I am experiencing.

I have also experienced visual snow, but that has been ongoing since I was small…

I first noticed these symptoms at night and noticed the edge of a pool ball ghosting off the edges and noticed my long distance vision was not as clear…

I suffered a concussion last year in november…
Could it be because of the traumatic injury to my brain which could have put pressure on my optic nerve and caused the transmission of signals to my brain, less effective?

I have noticed that I experience fatiguability when running around or participating in physical activity in the cold..

can anybody help me or hint what I may be experiencing?!?

Thanks a lot
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I would consider seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist.  They may decide to do an MRI to check for any abnormalities.

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You think it may be neurological even after a significant time prior to the concussion?

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