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Vision Disturbances after cataract surgery not improving

Dear Doctor,

My mom (60 years of age) recently had cataract removal surgery in both her eyes from a well known hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. The surgery was phacoemulsification process and hardly took 5 min .Both the procedures were done with a gap of 1 week. The left eye seems to have recovered okay, but its the right eye which is casuing some probels. Its been more than 6 weeks now. She has no sign of infection, redness/swelling/pain etc. Its only when she tries to look on the side and if she is looking at a bright light she sees a dark round circle which seems to go away if she turns the eye at another angle. it happens both in day and night. She took her medicines properly, used the eye drops given by her doctor, took antibiotic course as part of the surgery. We are both worried what is the reason for this cause its very irritating and is not at all comfortable seeing a circle when she gazes towards a light source. The doctor says she doesnt have any issue (but that was few weeks back). But we dont believe them. we have anough knowledge to know that it might not be the case.
Please tell me what could be the problem, what should she do and how many days would it take to resolve.
Could it be the pupil size being small (the lens reflecting light), the diamond cut they do during PHACO, or some other issue?

Thanks so much
Seema Hamad
Karachi, Pakistan
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which I have already answered
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You do realise that there are a LIMITED number of new posts permitted per day and you have just used up THREE of them by repeating your question?

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