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If one had PRP Laser for PDR and a clearing Hemorrhage and one and a half weeks later one sees a BIG WHITE ROUND CIRLE in the visual field for about 5 seconds and this may take place 4 or 5 times a day over past few days, what can this signifiy other than a doctor saying it's just from the laser? And when will it clear, what can be done if anything?  Thank you for a speedy reply please. Perhaps Dr. Doreen Fazio, Ophthalmologist can respond or another.  It will be appreciated!!!  The big white circle is frightening to see. Thx.
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I would follow the retina specialist's guidance.  If you have doubts, you can always get a second opinion.  It could be the nerve cells killed off by the laser firing that leads to what you are seeing.  In that case, they should go away within a few weeks at most.

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If a person decides to get anesthesia into the top tissue layer or in the space behind your eye.to ease the pain of the PRP laser treatment, would this be done in the OR or in a office room at the Hospital? And what are risks and benefits?

What is more comfortable if PRP laser treatment would cause pain - Direct PASCAL or Indirect PASCAL PRP laser treatment?  
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