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computer use in high myopia

Hello doctor,

I am 28 years of age, female, and I have high myopia (-17.5 in both eyes). I have had high power since childhood, but it has not increased so much in the past few years. It is almost static, and this last year my optometrist didnot give my a cylindrical also.
I have been wearing soft contact lenses for about 7 years now and do a lot of computer work, at least 6-7 hours a day as I am an editor.
Recently, i was having red eyes and discomfort, and my eye doctor diagnosed mild dry eyes syndrome in my right eye and my contacts were also infected. With discontinuing contact lenses for past 10 days, the redness has gone down a lot but I still find thin red veins in my eyes (particularly right eye) afetr a day's work. It clears a lot if I put cold compress.
I am going insane with tension about my eyes, Please let me know:

1) Can I still wear contacts? My marriage is in December.

2) Do I have anything much to worry about the veins showing and the dry eyes.

3) Are my corneas safe?

4) Can I work with computers as before (with occasional breaks in between hours) or will it make me lose my vision? Should I think of a change in profession?

Please help.
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You are developing contact lens intolerance due to computer vision syndrome.  Research computer vision syndrome.  You can get lots of lifestyle management tips at www.dryeeyezone.com.  The short answer is that with careful contact lens selection, excellent lens hygiene, limited wearing time, and attention to underlying causes of eye dryness you can continue wearing your contact lenses.
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can anyone plz help me?
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I have high myopia (-17.5) in both eyes and I have regular retina check ups done, every 6 months. Recently I had eye allergy for which I went to the doctor, and got my retina checked up by a retina specialist too. She said I have some weak areas, but right now nothing has to be done, but just keep a watch. My queries are:

1) Does having latices means I will have  retinal detachment surely sometime? I do not have a family history of retinal detachment, though my father and grandmom has high myopia.

I get retinas checked every 6 monhths, but can I have detachment suddenly or should I be assured for sometime after i get checked?

2) I see floaters, but they were almost always there. Does it indicate anything?

3) I see light bubbles passing through the sides of my eyes in cirlcles in anticlockwise motion for a second or 2, 4-5 times a day, specially if I am working or suddenly close my eyes or be in dark, after i am in a lighted room for long. Are they flashes related to retinal prob? I see them in lighted rooms also, along with a bozzy feeling and dull headache sometimes..
My doctor said retinal flashes are almost always seen in dark rooms and not moving in a circle like I have.

What are these coming for?

Please help...I am going mad in tension.
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hi malvika.....

i have exactly the same prob in my both as of you....
also i m getting married very soon but i havenot told this to my wife yet...

i got nervous whnever i think of my future life........
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