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daughters eye swollen

Dear all ,

I  have a 2.5 years old daughter , yesterda some insect bite her on her eyes , her eye got swollen , thinking it might be a mosquito bite , we applied calladril loution , which help her settle it a little , but at night when she slept , morning she wakes up with the eye swollen and could not open it.

i am affraid what to do. my doctor suggested me to keep cold or worn water cloth on her eye and that will help .

Anybody gone through such a situation please advice .


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It is very common for the eye to be extremely swollen after an insect bite. It is also normal for it to be red, but if the redness is deep red and not a peachy or pink/red, then it could be infected. I'll bet this is more of a normal reaction, even though it appears to be grossly abnormal. She'll get better. Just be sure to check her eyesight when you are able to open the eyelid a bit. As long as she can see then she'll be fine.

Timothy D. McGarity, Medical Doctor
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i have attached her picture with swollen eyes in my profile
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