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nerve 4 palsy

Hi all. here is my question. had blunt force trauma to the right side of my face 3 weeks ago. from the instant the accident happened I have had double vision. stacked and crooked to the right.  I have seen 3 eye doctors today was #4 an neuro eye specialist. diagnosis nerve 4 palsy. Damage to the never for the muscle that is causing the issue. Great #1 I can now have surgery to fix my broken Le fort injury and there is a fracture to the optic floor as well. according to the lady I saw today neither injury is the root cause of the double vision. The trauma to my face/eye cause the nerve injury. she wants to take a wait and see approach to the injury right now. just use a patch and then a prism on a set of glasses for straight ahead correction. Any thing else I can due to try to speed up the process. I'm a 44 year old male in excellent health I don't even wear glasses now.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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Assuming they are correct and there is no muscle entrapment and the imbalance is not caused by the floor fraction, I don't know of anything you can do to speed up recovery.  With a traumatic fourth nerve palsy, we tend to take a wait and see if it heals approach.

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No Muscle entrapment. the specalist I awsaid its strictly a nerve issue. waiting on theface surgery so that I can get onwth my life and start to heal correctly. tonight marks 3 week since injury. I'll be resetting the healing clock after the surgery.sadly and then add to the heal time wait and see on the nerve
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