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I was given Prover in January 2010. I had a period for 3 days on it. Then spotted two weeks later. I also had a CT scan of abdomin. Stated my uterous looked normal, ovaries were a bit small, but not cysts, everything in blood tests, and CT scan normal except FSH 25. OB/GYN said I'M and "ignigma".. No explanation of why not ovulating according to tests. He just said only way to have baby is IVF, my husband doesnt want to do that. 5000.00 plus later, I have no answers.. Im 39 and have two children 21 and 16.  I constantly cramp as if starting but I dont. I  had a 2 days in May that I spotted barely (May 12 and 13th). I was having hot flashes, cramping and vaginal dryness, small facial hair on chin, and some acne but CT shows normal. After taking Provera and induce period. I felt great until last month.. Now cramping is back. I am miserable.. I was taking Metformin 500mg once a day and packed on 13 lbs in less than a month. I am considering chaste berry and wheat grass supplements but dont know what else to do. Please help.. Wondering what to do next. Thanks
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Your name suggests that you're a neighbor!
I think your FSH explains everything.  You are perimenopausal according to the value above.  All of your symptoms are consistent with that too.

Metformin can cause cramping, and could be the culprit.  Most people lose weight on it though, not gain.

If you want to have a child, your best option would be donor eggs.  You would probably be an excellent candidate for that.  I will say it again!  Why let a little DNA stand between you and motherhood?

Women with high FSH values do conceive, but it is rare.

Good luck!
Dr B
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I have seen women on here that have higher values, and have their FSH lowered by using herbs. I have stopped the metformin over  month ago. I constantly have cramping, usually off and on through out the day, about 3 to 4 days in a row then I might have a break for a few days and sometimes a week or two then starts again.  All my hotflashes, and symptoms stopped from January after induced period until this past month. Confused how one person can say its menapause, another perimenapause, another pcos, another states it doesnt make siince. No signs of early menapause in my family, My mother was 57 when she passed away and was still having periods. I am youngest of 6 oldest sister 50 and no signs of menapause as of yet.  What level suggests menapause? I feel so much better after a had an induced period, should I request that again? It relieved cramping and bloating, pressure in uterine area. What level should FSH be?
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Hello bigskymt

My FSH levels went down with Acupuncture, herbs and a diet recommended by the acupuncturist. Try that. Don't give up!. Dont do IVF with high FSH levels. The chances are very low. Buy the book MAKING BABIES by Sami S. David and Jill Blakeway. It will help you a lot on what you need to eat or avoid.

Good luck
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