I had my first child when I was 17 and I had a c-section. Well now im in a relationship and have been for a while and im now 23 and we are trying to have another kid. We have been trying for a few months but it just doesnt seem to happen and I was told by previous woman that my ob gyn at the time was known for just tying peoples tubes. Did he tie mine and I didn't know about it and is that why I can't get pregnant? Or what else could be the issue here?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that it is illegal for a doctor to tie your tubes without your consent, and most women on government insurance (Medicaid) are not allowed to consent unless they are over 25 or have more than two children.  You probably just haven't been trying long enough.  First thing to do is to make sure you are ovulating--if you are having regular periods you probably are, but you could use ovulation predictors to check and to time intercourse as well.  IF you are having irregular periods, you should see your ob/gyn doctor sooner rather than later.
Good luck!
Dr B
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How can I really tell if im ovulating?
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