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Well i have reddish brown spots on my feet and have not one clue where it came from? Honestly i had never had a disease in my life i've been perfectly healthy to say the least i been checked for all kinds of diseases aids, syphillis, gnorea, chlymedia, hepatitis, TB, i even got my thyroids checked and everything was negative. I been to a doctor they said its not athelete's feet, nor do i have a fungus they took culures and all that my feet sometimes itc but the reddish brown spots don't hurt at all i look at me feet everyday and nothings change its still the same i feel so ashame of them though  barely even expose them although they're on he bottom but i'm so young with feet like this its heartbreaking i have no answers but alot of questions it hurt me everyday knowing i half to live with something unknown how scary does that sound? please guide me
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the hyperpigmentation could have resulted from an injury, medication, or toxins.
have your PCP test for lead or other toxins.
if all is well, at least they are on the bottom and no one can see them when you stand.
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i have the same thing(hyperpigmentation), and i can not get the right diagnosis either for this spots on the sole of foot.

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