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Biliary Dyskinesia & Nexium

I just read on another site that being on Nexium can cause biliary dyskinesia.  Can anyone relate to this?  Has anyone stopped the Nexium and had the biliary dyskinesia go away and gallbladder return to a normal ejection fraction?  I have been on Nexium for the last year.  I was on it once previous to this go-around and had stopped taking it for a few months.  Then a horrible acid reflux hit.  I was on Lorazepam, at the time, too, when the acid reflux hit.  It was my understanding acid reflux was a side effect of the Lorazepam.  (I've also found out that another side effect of the Lorazepam is biliary dyskinesia). So, the doctor put me on Nexium to help with the acid reflux.  I weaned off the Lorazepam, but have been on Nexium ever since, so my body has never had a chance to recover from either medication that can cause biliary dyskinesia. I am scheduled for gallbladder removal surgery on April 20th.  I have no stones, ejection fraction of 20%, upper right quadrant pain, nausea and lately just feel flu-like symptoms.  I want to avoid having this surgery, since the feedback is kind of iffy as far as who it's helped and who it hasn't.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Since Ativan is a relaxer it makes sense to me .. but I'm not a medical professional  .. just a patient.  The sphicter(s) are muscles so maybe ?
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Nexium, it's direct effects on the gallbladder ejection fraction not known. But it by itself causes symptoms of dyspepsia, epigastric pain and frequent stools, mimicking gall bladder symptoms.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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