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intestinal metaplasia ... what is it really ?

i recently did an endoscopy due to the sleeve surgery in preparing for ... my results came in as ...

localized mild congested mucousa was found in the gastric antrum.

the examined esophagus and duodenum was normal.

small bowel mucousa with no significant pathological change. no evidence of celiac disease no evidence of parasites are identified.

intestinal metaplasia associated with inactive chronic gastritis

no evidence of dysplasia and h pylori organisms are not identified.


what does this mean? do i have a risk for stomach cancer ? should i still proceed with the sleeve surgery ? i am a 26 year old female .. don't drink or smoke ... idk if i should be worried ?
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I was diagnosed with  intestinal metaplasia. No H-pylori ... I am very worried and confused... How are you feeling?  I dont know what to do :(
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