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Acromegaly - severe bloating during meals

I have recently been diagnosed with acromegaly. I had my pitutitary tumor removed 3 weeks ago. I am now going to try to find out what this disease has done to my body. For several years now I have had severe bloating with my meals. I believe it to be gas. I also have a mass on my thyroid that I am getting a ct scan of soon. I am thinking the mass is affecting my esophagus(swallowing) and wind pipe. I am hoping that the ct scan will find the answers to my digestive problems. My question is: if my esophagus was not going straight down and in some way obstructed by the mass could it cause the bloating? I have also gained a tire around my abdomen of fat. I do not vomit or have gerd but I do have a full feeling in my chest and feel my esophagus waves from time to time like it is trying to move food. This can last for hours and is mildly uncomfortable. I also have sleep apnea which I believe the mass has something to do with as well. I am not using my cpap since my surgery and still have bloating so the air isn't from that.
I am hoping and anxious to find out how big the thyroid mass and that it is my problem.
I have regular bowel movements but never feel empty, always full. I burp and pass gas a lot.
Any input is welcome.

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