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Belly Pain

I have been having belly button pain for about three weeks now. After 10 days I saw my primary physician who sent me for an ultrasound.. everything came back normal.. however my pancreas could not be seen due to air. After 4 days I went to urgent care since my belly button felt like it was on fire. The doctor ran several tests including pregnancy and pancreas. Nothing came back.

I removed my belly ring after I saw my primary. I don't think it was infected.. no pus or redness or pain when removing it.

I have tried ant-acids.. gas pills.. laxatives (since they thought maybe a bowel obstruction).. ice.. heat..  I have always been a person who gets bloated and constipated and then has diarrhea.. always have had a bad stomach. I have been having bowel movements. A few days ago I started finding these scabs and gross stuff coming out of my belly button that smell pretty terrible. I did have a gallbladder removal surgery 5 years ago that was done through the bellybutton. The scabs seem to form around the scars. I do not have any fevers.. occasional nausea.. no vomiting. I have been cleaning the belly button with Dr. Bronner magic soap very gently.

I am hoping someone has some tips? Could it be an infection? an abcess of some kind?

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An umbilical infection with or without discharge is certainly a possibility. It can be caused by any number of things including: ingrown hairs, skin infection spreading, foreign objects (belly ring), etc. I would touch base with your primary doctor again, especially since you now have discharge as well. This can be used to make test cultures to identify the nature of the infection, then the proper treatment can be ordered.
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