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Bloating that won't go away

I am a 35 yo male that has never had any real health problems except for this issue (I did have my first kidney stone a month before this started and I was prescribed Folic Acid because of low Vitamin B levels around this time as well). Back in January of this year, I started feeling extremely bloated and never feeling hungry. It started all the sudden and in the past 5 months I have felt like this every single days except for a 2 week period last month, but then the symptoms came back. I went to a Gastroenterology doctor and had blood work, CT scans, and a colonoscopy done, nothing was found. I have tried changing my diet, not eating, etc but nothing seems to help. I was prescribed Amitiza last week to try and help, but so far it does not seem to be doing anything. This has really taken a toll on me, I hate feeling like I just ate an entire pizza  all day long when in fact I've eaten nothing. Since this issue has occurred, my weight has dropped from 165 to 120 (I'm 5'8''). I'm hoping someone can give me any tips on where to go from here, because I'm going to go crazy dealing with this.
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Hi, what about upper GI endoscopy and hepatitis panel? these may be needed to detect lesions in the stomach. Also, hepatitis is known to cause loss of appetite and nausea.Also, certain infections like tuberculosis can cause an evening rise of temperature and increased sweating. This also causes a loss of appetite; as such this is accompanied by weight loss. So, record your temperatures, on a two hourly basis to detect an evening rise of temperature.  Please check with your doctor to rule out this condition. Regards.
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