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How to Obtain Full bowel evacuation

This is an embarrassing question about how to completely empty the bowels, particularly for anal sex (please don't judge)

Before anal sex, I attempt to empty the bowel and rectum, but the problem I am having is that no matter how many times I go, my bowels will not empty completely, even if I feel like I have emptied them. Inevitably, there are always "accidents" during sex, and not just residue that can be taken care of with washing or "douching", but a lot of "poop." When I rush to the bathroom after these accidents, I inevitably have another bowel movement as if I hadn't "pooped" several times before. I have pooped up to 4 or 5 times once and still have this problem.

I am wondering why I can't simply empty my bowels completely in one or two tries, and why no matter how much I go, my body seems to be producing more and more poop to replace what I've emptied. From what I read, most people can make 1-2 bowel movements and be completely fine for sex or just going throughout the day.

I should note that I mostly only notice this when I try sex. If I don't try sex, I will go to the bathroom once or twice a day and feel fine, and there isn't a sudden urge to go back, usually. But maybe I just don't notice or pay attention.

About my diet: I try to eat a lot of fiber (wheat/grain bread, pure fiber supplements, bran cereal), I don't eat a lot of fats, I have about a cup of milk every day and maybe a slice of cheese or two every other day.

About my poop: It is usually soft. After sex when I usually have this problem, it is very soft, not hard or anything.

How do I make full evacuations and stop making poop after I've gone once or twice? How do I stop the poop from coming out constantly and interfering with my sex life? What is going on and is there there a way to prevent this?
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Best suggestion I can think of would be to ask your Doctor to prescribe a strong laxative that takes a prescription.  I think you will need to ask your Doctor for help.

Good luck.            ..........       Sherry   :)
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