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Irregular Z Line and No Barrett's?

Hey folks,

I just had an EGD today. My doctor mentioned that there wasn't any Barrett's seen. However, when I looked at the report, something jumped out at me: "Irregular Z-Line at 40 cm".

According to the web, Irregular Z-Line = Barrett's, but clearly that's not what my doc says.

I'm hoping then that someone can translate the following portion of the EGD report for me. (I'll have a follow up with the doc in a couple of weeks, but wanted to see if anyone else could help.)

Here's what the report says:

"Esophagus:  Normal supraglottic area. The GE junction was observed at 40cm from the entry point. The Z-line was visualized. The squamoculumnar junction was visualized.
Inlet patch in the proximate esophagus. No gross esophagitis or gastric mucosa extending cephalosporins from the SCJ. No stricture, rings, or furrows. Four cold forecasts biopsies was successfully taken from the distal third of esophagus. The specimens were Colette for pathology. Four cold foreceps biopsies was successfully taken from the proximal third of the esophagus. The specimens were collected for pathology."

Here's what I get out of this (my concern is the distal esophagus: the proximal is another matter, but is harmless): The GEJ and Z Line match. The Z Line, however, is irregular for some reason. Pathology will be looking at this (but they'll also be looking for how my Eosinohilic Esophagitis is doing, which the answer seems to be "very well.")

Any advice? Did I miss something? I'll be getting the histology report sometime next week.  

Thanks in advance.

- Ghost
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