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extremely high eosinophil levels???

i have been having some digestive problems recently, it started with sensitivity to dairy, then progressed into vomiting after everything i ate. i then began itching uncontrollably and so i went to the doctor and he ordered a blood test. when i got the result back it said my eosinophil level was 31%. my doctor thinks its a parasite but nothing showed up in my blood or stool, and i'm not allergic to anything and according to my doctor its probably not caused by an allergy because i vomited blood and this normally doesn't occur if you're having an allergic reaction. what does this mean and should i get an endoscopy done? 31% is pretty high from what i've heard. has anyone else ever heard of an eosinophil level that high?
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Dear Iceman.
31% is definately a high figure. Parasitic infection is one of the cause but it will nt cause blood in vomiting. any allergic condition can increase the level of essinophile.
Two possibilty in your case are:
1: Eosinophic gastritis.
2: lactose intolerence
Upper GI endosocpy is surely indicated in you.
Best wishes
Dr Tewari
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