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healing from fissurectomy

I had  just a fissurectomy (no LIS) and I'm still in a lot of pain. I went back after 6 days for my post op appointment and the Dr. said everything looked good even though I still hurt. He said in a few days the pain would turn to itch and that meant it was healing. That was 9 days ago. It's been 15 days total and I just want to know when I can expect to get my life back. When will the pain stop?? when can I stop taking the sitz bath to work with me?? When will I be able to go back to working out. I can't even do light stretching without feeling like the fissure is back and with my Rheumatoid too much resting makes my whole body hurt!! Thank you in advance for any comments.. Also has anyone else noticed a deep ache in their left butt cheek lower back after surgery??
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