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need to release

I'm in need of some help with my most recent problem which has been the build up of gas or the need to release pressure. Whenever I drink water now, I feel a bubble build underneath my rib cage on my left side. And pain only down my left side. I feel the urge of burping and feel it coming up but nothing happens but a sharp pain in my chest cause it didn't happen. I was once a very active athlete and never had this problem. I don't drink soda whatsoever, I'm the one that drinks water out of anyone in my family but now that this is happening I'm scared to even take down any fluids. It's starting to affect my lifestyle tremendously and I'm getting frustrated. When I can't let out the air that I feel, instead I feel a tingling sensation on my left side almost like someone is tickling you. What this could be I'm not too sure. I would like to go back to how I once was and not feel this anymore. Help, please. 
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