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varied symptoms, vaginal, oral, abdominal disease?

My symptoms started last year, around August, when I thought that I was pregnant due to the typical pregnancy symptoms I experienced. However, when my period came and I was sure I was not pregnant I became nervous because many other symptoms are occurring; my vaginal discharge started to get a fishy smell, abdominal pains in different parts of my abdomen, sometimes bleeding during sex, painful intercourse, gas and bloating. My period is normal. And then, just last week i started to feel something in my chest, not really hard to breathe but there is really something wrong with my chest. Then bumps on my tongue started to appear, (I searched it in google and it suggested enlargement of papillae of tongue), and I feel like there is something stuck in my throat. Not really painful, but discomforting. There also appeared a small lone bump in between my teeth, which bloods when touched. This is also not painful. Sometimes I also experienced blurry vision. Anyway, I am 26 female, with no history of serious medical illness and have only one sexual partner for 4 years.
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Could be Candida (yeast overgrowth). Many herbal pills to take to help with this. A strong Probiotic will help (10billion cultures or more). And cut way wya down on refined sugars, eliminate completely if possible. Only natural sugar like in fruit is ok. Raw honey is ok too.
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