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Gender Identity in 5 yr old girl

I am concerned about my 5 yr old adopted daughter and her continued desire to dress and act like a boy.  She also wants to be called a boy name instead of her own.  She has an older brother who is 7.  It seems to have progressed well beyond what I would consider normal tomboyish behavior.  She wants to buy boy clothes and requested a short haircut that looked more masculine.  She will only play with boy toys (Star Wars, trains, etc.) although she doesn't appear to even enjoy playing with them.  She will only play with boys at school (kindergarten) as well.  She also has adopted boy mannerisms like wearing her hats backwards, standing with her hands in her pockets, wanting to wear thick masculine chains for necklaces, etc.  This has been going on about a year or so and her father and I dismissed it initially and have pretty much let her dress the way she's wanted within limits.  We have begun to wonder if there is anything we should be doing to either address it or just let it run it's course.  Please advise!
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well, i was a tom boy when i was younger i am now 21 and im a prep girl. i think the tom boy act is where she see that her brother wears the type of clothes and wants to be like him. i dont want to say she is bisexual or lez. but just let her do her thing it be okay(:
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Hi, well, it's POSSIBLE that she has GID. (Gender Identity Disorder.) I would seriously let things go. It's 2011 now, so I really don't know whats happened. But, I'm also curious about my daughter's Gender Identity. Except, she's 14.
I would say let things go.. I know its hard, because I still am not really letting things go.

Good Luck.
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