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I was pregnant with my 4th baby, all previous pregnancy were normal with normal vaginal delivery.  My 4th pregnancy was also normal until my membranes spontanously ruptured during a sneezing attack at 22 weeks.  I never went into labor or got an infection, but Doctors were worried I would get an infection because there had been a slight cord prolapse earlier but with the babys novements it was pulled back inside.  They ended up inducing me and our baby lived a little over 2 hours.  Could you tell me what possiably would cause my membranes to rupture, if they saw no signs of infection and I was not contracting? No one ever mentioned incompetent cervix, when asked how this could happen we were basically told bad luck.   Are there any questions or tests I should have done when I go to my post partum appointment?  My placenta pathology report was also normal.  Thank you for any information.
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My condolences for your loss.  A midtrimester loss due to early rupture of membranes is a very difficult thing.  Sometimes we don't always learn the underlying cause, but very often it is due to an infection.  Cervical incompetence (or insufficiency) is another possible cause, however, you do not fit the profile of that type of patient given your 3 prior term deliveries (unless you have had a procedure to the cervix in the interim).  

Review with your physician your complete medical history and discuss the pathology and any other findings.  Unfortunately, a clear cause may not be determined.  

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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oh my I am so sad for your loss.

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