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Broken Condom - Scared of HIV and STD

HI Doctor.

I am new to the forum

Today, 9/12, Long story short, i (circumcised male) had sex with a prostitute (female) in Taiwan.  The condom broke half way.  I actually checked it every 2 minutes or so , hence, the time from condom broke until i found out is probably around 30 seconds max.  She wasn't really wet either (not sure if makes a different for transmission purpose).

After i noticed the condom broke, I pulled out immediately.  The condom broke into 3 pieces, a tiny round piece is still covering the urethra (kinda completely but it just lays on it, its not secured on the glans/sulcus anymore) and the bottom ring is intact on the shaft.  The center portion is gone.  

I asked the woman if she checks for STD and she said her last checkup 2 months ago is clean (she did the rapid test she said but didnt mention what else).  So that only means she doesnt have HIV around prior to 5/11, right?  At the same time, she said she checks STD regularly and have condom free sex with her BF all the time (this scares me).

Do you think i need to worry about STD and mostly HIV?  I have no cuts or sores on the penis so assuming my urethra was covered completely, i will be free and clear, right?  Can i assume that is the case (because i dont think the round piece just coincidentally fall on the urethra after all the stroking).  

Do you think i need to get tested for any STD and HIV?  
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I believe that your risks are generally quite low, because most of the sexual intercourse was protected and it seems that the urethra was still covered throughout.  However with condom accidents, there is always the possibility of STDs, mainly the common ones, like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, and therefore I would recommend that you get a full STD screening at the appropriate window period, for peace of mind.  The risk of HIV infection would be very low in this case, even if she was positive.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Also, she got offended when i asked about her STD status.  She just answer it quickly and hang up.  Wont answer my calls afterwards so i have no way of getting her to test now.
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Starting from yesterday, i noticed bright yellow urine.  NO discharge or burning feeling.  I dont take any Vitamins either.    Can this be a sign of STD>?
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