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Reliabilty of Multiplex PCR RNA test

Good Morning

I have put myself at risk with mutual oral sex with a CSW in Singapore.

I have since done a full 14 day STI screen with a reputable test center in the UK and all results have all came back negative but  after checking online (bad mistake) I am now quite anxious regarding the accuracy of the HIV PCR RNA test as lots of people say this is not conclusive and I need to test at 28 days and 3 months, while others say this is conclusive at over 99% accurate at 14 days.

I have seen this test is used in the UK by the blood transfusion and organ donor services checking for HIV as well.

Can you tell me how accurate/conclusive this negative result and why it is not deemed conclusive if it is indeed very accurate and used for checking blood transfusion and organ donors
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Receiving oral sex - being sucked - will not result in HIV transmission to you.

Performing oral sex on a female who is HIV positive carries a faint risk of HIV transfer to you. You don't say it's a woman but I've assumed. If it was a  man then the risk of you performing oral sex on an HIV positive male (who is not treated)  would be slightly higher but still very low indeed.

The PCR RNA test will give accuracy of greater than 99% at 10 or more days which is equivalent to the efficacy of the HIV DUO at 28 days and the 3rd generation HIV antibody at 6 weeks - that is to say that they all have equivalent accuracy at their prescribed time.

PCR is not routinely used in the UK NHS for HIV diagnostics - largely because of cost (its much much more expensive) and also because in most cases it is not necessary for diagnostics. Whilst people may prefer to have a very early test for the most part it doesn't influence the outcome.

kind regards, Sean

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Hi Doc

Thanks for your prompt response and explanation to my question.

Also thanks to yourself and your colleagues on here and freedomhealth for up to date and detailed explanations to stupid anxious people like myself. It really is helpfull in this sea of misinformation on the internet about STD and testing
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