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Went got an Asian massage in Sydney Australia very scared now

Doctor I'm very stressed out. I went to get a handjob at
A chinesse place. She took all her clothes off put oil on my penis
Started to give me a hand job she was standing next to me & I started to touch
Her *** and run my fingers past her *** hole touching it all the way to her vigina and between her vigina lips but she had her legs tight and her vigina lips were closed I done this a Few time from her *** hole to her vigina lips but I'm pretty sure I did not get my finger deep in between her
Vigina  lips coz I never once felt any wetness then by mistake or not thinking I touched my penis as she was
Giving me a hand job with the same hand as I was touching her I might have done it 2 time and ones after I had cum to clean my self but I'm pretty sure even though I touched in her vigina lips a little I did not feel I got any thing wet on my finger from her vigina. My penis was a little Roar after the hand job maybe had little fine cuts or redness not deep just from her rubbing her hand for a long time question 1 i don't think I got any wetness from her vigina on to my penis am I at risk of HIV  question 2 just say I got wetness all over my fingers that I did not see or feel and then touched my penis when it roar from her rubbing is there a chance of HIV please let me know am at at risk of HIV or any Sti or STD
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Good Morning,

You are fine.

Nothing of any real interest happened here.

You will not have acquired an STD or HIV from what you describe. No chance. at all, ever.

best regards, Sean
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  Thank you for your reply Dr Cummings

  Just one more question after I had cum & layed back to relax for a massage I can't remember if I touched my eyes or not after! If I did it was not straight from touching her vigina straight to my face! but I'm pretty sure I had no vigina fluid on my fingers if any thing it would have been a very very small amount! But i really believe there was no fluid!
If there was just a little tiny bit of fluid could I get HIV ?
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I also just remembered I have a few little cuts I had with the electric shaver that slipped some have scapes on them think they are all closed up but can't be sure any risk ?? Sorry for the extra questions just worried
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Hello again

None of the further items you've identified make any difference at all to what I think. You were never at risk of HIV infection.

Best regards, Sean

ps I wont be coming back to this question ok
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I feel alot better now : )

   Thank you Sean

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