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hiv risk from shaving pubic hair

Dear Doc,

Please let me explain to you my ordeal. I shaved my pubic area and 1 hour later I had protected sex with an escort. I had a protected sex with her and the condom was intact. However since I had shaved the pubic area with razor blade, I am scared to death now after reading all the contradictory material posted on the net. I did not find any cuts/bruises on the shaved area and the skin seems to be pretty intact as far as I can see with my naked eyes. Even after shaving I did not notice any blood. I am just having the tingling sensation which you have after shaving the region.

Does that put me at any risk of having contracted HIV through any micro pores which may have resulted due to my shaving activity before having sex? I am a married man and am scared, do you think I should get tested for hiv? Please help me I am quite shaken by the incident.
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Dear Raj

You might acquire HIV infection from:-

1) being born to an HIV positive mother

2) having an HIV positive blood transfusion or organ donation

3) having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex with someone who is HIV positive

4) rarely through sucking an HIV positive male with ejaculation into your mouth

5) exceptionally rarely - almost unknown - performing oral sex on an HIV positive female

You will NOT acquire it any other way - the razor damage is irrelevant.

kind regards, Sean
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Thanks Dr. Sean that was very helpful!

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