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Hello... I have been posting in the other forums for a bit.

Me - I received fellatio 16 weeks ago.

Tested for hiv at 6 weeks dna and antibody and 12 weeks negative.

Std panel at 6 weeks, normal cbc at 5 and 15 weeks, tested for parvo, west Nile, ANA

Severe ars symptoms starting at 3 weeks or so.

Fatigue, headache, red eyes, loss of appetite, tingles, testicle pain, muscle and joint aches and ED.
Also chest pain and difficulty breathing

I am better but ... Still have some symptoms. Strangely I had wine over the weekend and it made the symptoms much worse.

Any way Very worried - I guess I can not rule out hiv yet testing again at 6 months.


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I suffered the same after having sex with some girl 8 months ago. I did test for hiv at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months.. and nothing. I also have an undetectable result in PCR at 2 months... So I'm looking an answer in SFC or another pathologies or psicologic... dont have any idea, but docs say 'forget about hiv'. Your risk is minimal, actually some specialist say there's no risk on fellatio.
Do you have any condition or health problem before this event? I'm thinking there's some relation between sexual contacts and some special conditions in some people like us, my theory, I'm not a doctor niether cientific, but I have read a lot of this. I know that when you feel bad, with fatigue, nauseas, and cant breahting well make you feel you are dying but be calm my friend, is the first step to start feeling better and have faith that it's not hiv, you will be better.
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Thanks for your note. Everyone thinks I am imagining it. But I know I am not.

I was very healthy before... No issues.

I  am probably at 90% now with only some left over symptoms. So I am getting more calm every day

But I agree... There is something - I just tested again at 4.25 months. Waiting on results. I did another panel at a different lab, just to be doubly sure.

I should find out today. I guess if it is not hiv, I can be ok with most everything else.

I tested for parvo, west Nile, rheumatoid, strep, cbc, etc

Some people suggest it could be htlv, but I haven't tested for that yet.

If htlv, it is said only 1 / 20 will have continued problems. So I am hopeful.

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4.25 months negative
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I also received unprotected fellatio a year ago. What followed after were some very strange symptoms included a swollen lymph node on my neck, stiff neck and a painful urinary track infection, all 2 to 3 weeks post incident.

tested up to 9 months post incident. after 4 months from this exposure i started with some very weird tongue problems which last as of today (8 months so far): swollen tongue, teeth marks in the tongue's border, white tongue, hiper salivation, and the worst of all: irritated tastebuds in the front part of my tongue which are at times very painful. Please notice I have these tongue issues FOR THE LAST 8 MONTHS :(
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Im pretty sure there's a lot of unknown viruses out there. We have confirmed that this is not about vih, but somehow we cought some infection maybe because some genetic susceptibility condition.. I know this is not some mental illness, but our anxiety contributed to make it worst. We can improve our condition with  psicologic terapy, massages, etc, but I think to recover 100% is matter of time
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Hello all... i consider my symptoms was the sam as yours...

my exposure was 9 months back...
and i'm npw very ill and suffering

i've tested for HIV , ELISA at 5 months and 7 months negative
PCR RNA at 7 months negative, HBV, HCV, VDRL TPHA negative also.

what i most worried is  i'm having neurogical problem like numbness, pins and needles sensation, burning tingling on my foots and my hands, persistent dizzines, slurred speech and hard to remember something new [cognitive, and motori problem hard to coordinates]

do you have any idea whats goin o n with me guys?
[sorry for my english : i'm not native speaker.]
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Hi Friends i m suffering same symptoms.i recieved oral sex in sep 2012 and after that i have done alots of tests done till april 2013  Rapid ELISA,Duo combo 4th Gen All screening All are Neg.now i m suffering from little blood inside skin on body not whole body.cheeks skin break inside.Deperssion Anxiety Mental illness.Anyone can Reply me Friends.
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