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Dr didnt file

My father was died as a result of a car accident . While at the hospital i had to fill out all his info  He had full medicaid at the time which covers all his  bills. they needed to take him to the operating room to see if they could find out what was causeing a problem . I had to sign that also . Was told to say ok to going under. everyon filed with his medicaid execept the anesthesia . Now after  almost 4 yrs they are taking me to court to pay this . It is there fault they did not file in a timely manner. saying they  didnt know . If this is so why did i not get any bills or them contact me since he lived with me at the time of this . I had already dealt with 2 previous deaths i know that when w bill comes to send a copy of  death cert. and  insurance card to them. What  can i do
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Dear Ayinstar,

The first thing you want to do is to get a copy of the law suit & read it to find out the following;
- Who has filed the law suit against you? (For example, is it the hospital or the anesthesiologist?)
- What are they holding you responsible for? (Is it the negotiated rate, are they charging you interest on the unpaid balance, etc?)
- What is the basis of the suit? (Is it because you are only person they can find or could you have unknowingly signed a document, taking responsibility for payments?)

Depending on the above facts you would have to come up with a defense. Feel free to share more info once you have the answer to the above questions.


Amir Mostafaie
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I went to court today on this matter I did a consent to services and  under part 4 of this paper it  says Financial Responibility and  part 2 of that sections it states I also certify that the information given in applying for payment under Medicare and/or Medicaid is true and correct.  the laywer stated that he sent me a letter  aug 5 of 05 and i called the 24 of aug  05 stating that i would see if it was still cover. I sent them a copy of the card and  death cert. they stated they didnt recieve it. and i can show proof i did . but why was i not contacted about this matter if they didnt hear from me or get anything from me?
This is stressful and worse than dealing with the paper work from the other 2 deaths i had to deal with  3 yrs prior to this.
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also i just notice on this paper at the bottomit  has my signature  above  patient  parent legal guardian health car agent or other representiative of patient under that is ask for relationship  daughter  over to the right  it has a blank with the words  financially responsible partyand relationship if other than above  this  is not signed by me at all and the  top of the  paper it has my fathers name and and act # so wouldnt that mean i didnt sign anything that states i would be responsible?
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