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Looking at health insurance for the first time... I'm seeing $5000 deductibles at the cheapest for $100 a month. Does this mean I pay every bill up to $5000 before insurance kicks in? Seems like they don't really cover anything except horrible accidents or diseases that might bankrupt me. Is this really just bankruptcy insurance for the horribly afflicted?
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I went to nj protect they cover pre existing conditions and I will pay $351per month n $300 per day at the hospital best option found
Hope this helps you
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Dear madisoninkley,

Plan deductibles don't necessary apply to every benefit of a plan; but depending on the plan structure, they could be. There are plans that cover your day to day doctor visit or medication for just a copay ($30-$40) but will require you to meet your deductible for procedures or hospital stays.

If this is your first time shopping go to a website like ehealthinsurance.com where you can shop, compare on your own and be able to talk to an experienced licensed agent to further narrow down your options.  

The good news is, under HealthCare Reform, your yearly checkups are not going to be subject to a deductible and they should be covered in full.


Amir Mostafaie

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